More Productivity + Perks They'll Love

Imagine what you could do if you added 10% more productivity to your employee's day. The Global Wellness Institute estimates that illness, stress, and employee disengagement cost the US alone $2.2 trillion each year, or 12 percent of GDP. Leading companies, such as Patagonia, Google, and Facebook, started adding wellness programs to attract and retain the best talent and discovered it also made good business sense. Studies show that great workplaces have 65% lower turnover and 116% higher stock returns than their peers, according to the Global Wellness Institute's 2016 Future of Wellness at Work white paper. Today workplace wellness is a $41B, rapid growing industry because it makes good business sense and employees have higher expectations than ever. 

We work with property managers and employers to deliver group classes, team-building activities, and ongoing workshops designed for your location. We make it easy for you to provide perks they’ll love with a minimum financial commitment.

If you’re looking to explore how a wellness program could work in your situation, contact us to set-up a free consultation.