Our Story

In the US we are seeing increased prevalence of stress and associated illness. The Global Wellness Institute estimates that illness, stress, and disengagement cost the US $2.2 trillion each year or about 12 percent of GDP. If that doesn't worry you, studies also show that people are feeling more disconnected and socially isolated in this age of ever increasing technical connection.

The good news is, we are learning more each day about how movement, meditation, and the mind-body connection can alleviate stress and stress-related illnesses. We’re also seeing an explosion of data in the psychology and neuroscience fields, exploring ways to unlock individual potential to find greater life satisfaction, performance, and wellness.

Mukta Wellness was founded on the belief that everyone has the innate right to be physically and mentally healthy and have the tools to unlock the power of their own possibility.  

We take our name from the Sanskrit word “mukta,” meaning one who is free or liberated from human suffering. Everyday we are inspired to create unique programs, with domain experts, that work to empower individuals and wellness leaders to discover their own potential. Let's change the narrative to be one of possibility and potential.

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From Our Founder

Fifteen years ago I attended my first yoga class. I’d love to say I immediately “got it”. I did not. It took many more years of stress, physical illness, and work imbalance, leading to a physical breakdown, to shock me into coming back to the mat.  

In my professional life, I spent two decades analyzing and growing businesses. As a data nerd, I shunned the “woo-woo” side of the practice. It was only until I felt the positive impact of the practice, in my own body, that I became an evangelist for others to find a more holistic path forward.

As I started to apply the same rigorous study of business to wellness, I read everything I could about the quantifiable impact of the practice on stress-reduction, quality of life improvements, and increased immunity to illness. At the same time, and with the help of extraordinary teachers and mentors, I dove into the many facets of yoga, meditation, and functional movement.

We live in a time of increased stress, illness, and disconnection, yet we have the tools at our disposable to turn that ship around. I founded Mukta Wellness to empower every single person to live with more peace and possibility. I hope you’ll join me, and the talented experts we partner with, in this journey.


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Isabelle V. Plante
Founder, RYT-500, & Life-Long Student